About Us

How It All Began…

I am an architect and developer.  I have an established, successful practice in a Chicago suburb.  I built a beautiful lake home in Wisconsin, 1.5 hours north of home.  The lake home has an EZ Dock floating dock, which I leave in year round and love.  I couldn’t stand covering and uncovering our boats, and I wanted to draw on my experience designing restaurant and office building canopies to design a cantilevered shelter that could remain up year round, and cover all my boats without needing lifts or lake bed supports.

In 2013, we designed and built the world’s first cantilevered boat shelter.  We made every mistake possible; metal too heavy, fabric too light, not wind proofed, etc. but we LOVED the way it functioned; sheltering our boats from the elements without ever needing a cover.  We corrected, improved, redesigned, and rebuilt.

We could get to the house late Friday, and take a moonlight cruise without wrestling with the boat cover.  We could pull the boat in and out, jump on the waverunner, into the kayak, then back on the pontoon.  We could pull in during a shower, relax with guests and cocktails, and pull right back out when the sun re-emerged. We could sit, protected from the hot sun, and use the pontoon like a houseboat.  We could store our tubes and vests safely above, freeing valuable boat and dock space.  We could enjoy boating all day, even late Sunday evening because we didn’t need to ever cover our watercraft again.

People started pulling up asking where to get one.  We told them that we built it for ourselves, but quickly realized the broad market potential because EVERY boat owner hates boat covers.  Sensing the potential, we invested years of time, money, blood (literally) and passion building and equipping a manufacturing facility, delivery vehicles, and installation tools.  We applied for patents, and developed additional dock products to economically simplify the boating experience.

Our products are now in 19 US states and Canada, and gaining traction daily.  We rely mainly on word of mouth, from our customers and their neighbors seeing them on the water and contacting us.  It’s a bit surreal, but we LOVE it.  It’s a great feeling knowing we are inventing and building a better products that enhance the lives of all boaters.

Kerry Levin, Pier-Port President