Mono-Port and Dual-Port easily connect to virtually any type of dock; floating or fixed, and even custom or unstable docks.  Use your own mounting systems, or select one of our optional bracketing systems shown below.  Don’t be afraid to contact us with your unique condition. We’ll help design and fabricate whatever is needed.  We love a challenge, and haven’t been stumped yet!

universal bracket

Universal Bracket

Ideal for a stable wood dock, metal dock, metal truss dock, and some floating docks. Connect the outer brackets directly to the dock, or use with the optional the Back Plates and Bolts to “sandwich” the dock wall.  Insert the vertical support posts, and tighten with the tool we provide.

Adapter Post

Adapter Post

Included with all Mono-Ports. Connects Pier-Port to the universal bracket or floating dock bracket, with or without lake bed supports for additional stability. Adjustable height.

Lake Bed Support

Lake Bed Support

Bypass any custom or unstable dock and install the Lake Bed Support directly into the lake bed by turning with a metal rod or pipe wrench. Acts as stand-alone support for two-sided Pier-Ports, or use for additional stability with single-sided models. Lake Bed Supports can fit inside of Universal Brackets, Floating Dock Bracket, and Adapter Post.

Floating Pier Bracket2

Floating Dock Bracket

Slips easily into any floating pier pipe connector opening.  Drop the 4 brackets in, secure with connector ring, insert the 4 vertical support posts, and tighten with the tool we provide.  The Mono-Port or Dual-Port remains affixed in position to the floating dock, so whatever the water level fluctuation, your height is always consistent.