Canopy Selection


Step 1. Single or Double Sided?

The single sided Mono-Ports are ideal for channels with parallel piers, or when you only need single-sided coverage off a perpendicular pier. They are the least expensive and simplest to install. The double sided Dual-Port provides coverage for watercrafts on both sides of a pier, as well as offering additional protection over the pier. Double-sided systems can become more cost effective when covering multiple watercrafts. Double-sided systems also turn your entire pier into a “screen porch” under a boat shelter  providing more protection from rain and sun for you, your watercraft, and pier.

Step 2. Determine Size.
Size is usually determined by your largest watercraft. For example, if you wish to protect a 20′ Pontoon with 17′ of seating plus a 2′ front transom and a 1′ rear engine mount, you can leave the boat ends exposed and use an 18′ Mono-Port or Dual-Port. But if your 20′ boat has full seating that goes front to back, you’ll want to consider a 21′ Mono-Port or Dual-Port (or even a 24′ for high driving winds or low setting sun angles) for better protection.

Step 3. Connected or Split Center? (For double sided tops only)
Our Dual-Port has a connected center and our Wing-Port has a split center. The Dual-Port strut halves rotate for easy installation, and then connect together in the center. The Wing-Port struts also rotate, but the fabric sections can either be zippered together, or left completely open over the pier. The Dual-Port costs less and provides full protection to the entire pier. The Wing-Port can be installed completely from the pier, and can be left open in the center for additional light and ventilation, or to allow cables for a “hanging-pier” to pass through. Remember, both the dual and wing ports have 2′ open mesh fabric for light and air penetration over the middle.

Step 4. Select Optional Pier Brackets.

All Mono-Port and Dual-Port systems come complete and ready to be installed onto your unique pier configuration. Optional pier connector brackets are available for virtually every type of pier; wood or metal, rigid or floating, year-round or removable. The Mono-Ports all include 2-5/8” Adapter Posts (AP) which can slide into the 2-7/8” Universal Bracket, or over a 2-3/8” Lakebed Post (optional). The Dual-Ports all include the 2-5/8” Vertical Posts, designed to slide into the 2-7/8” Universal Bracket, or into the 2-7/8” Floating Dock Bracket, or over the 2-3/8” Lakebed Post (optional). Contact us or your local dealer for assistance.

Step 5. Consider Orientation.   

It is important to take sun angles into consideration when positioning your dock and Mono-Port or Dual-Port. For most northern US locations, the sun will cast a shadow to the north side of a dock, providing more extended shade out farther from the pier. For optimum sun and rain protection, position the higher watercraft (pontoons, deck/ski/fishing boats) on the south side or west side of the pier, and the lower watercraft (wave-runners, kayaks, paddle boats) on the north or east side.

Step 6. Choose your colors.

Email us today for a free consultation to lay out your                                                                      American-Made Pier-Port:                                                                                Put your boat covers away forever.  (Trademarked, Patented)