Mono-Port, Dual-Port Installation

Installation time lapse Mono-Port

Before Starting:

    1. Lay out components near pier
    2. Install clamps on front-back struts
    3. Align door location with boat entry
    4. Mark bracket locations on pier


  1. Install brackets (with optional lake-bed supports)
  2. Install pier-side and boat-side posts
  3. Install front and center struts
  4. Install arched struts and door spacer strut
  5. Install end struts
  6. Install fabric (with clips loose)
  7. Tighten all alligator clips to final position
  8. Install optional storage netting and accessories

Seasonal Installation:

Seasonal Installation and removal is a snap. Spend less than 1 hour out and one hour in each season after the initial install. Less time on pier maintenance means more time on your boat!

Email us today for a free consultation to lay out your                                                                      American-Made Mono-Port or Dual-Port:                                                    Put your boat covers away forever.  (Trademarked, Patent-Pending)