Parts: Structure pricing

Pier-Port Logo Description Code Price (MSRP)
Door strut Door Strut 2.8′   length. For Mono-Port. DS3 $19
Strut 7.5' Strut 7.5′   length. For Mono-Port. CS7.5 $49
Strut 10.5' Strut 10.5′   length. For Mono-Port. CS10.5 $59
Strut 13.5' Strut 13.5′   length. For Mono-Port. CS13.5 $69
Strut 6' End Strut 6′   length. For Mono-Port. ES6 $29
Strut 9' End Strut 9′   length. For Mono-Port. ES9 $39
Strut 12' End Strut 12′   length. For Mono-Port. ES12 $49
Strut 9' End Strut 9′   length. For Dual-Port. ES9.2 $90
Strut 12' End Strut 12′   length. For Dual-Port. ES12.2 $120
Support strut Support Strut 1′   long. For 600-series Dual-Port.. SS1 $15
Arched strut one sided Arched Strut 14′   long. For Mono-Port. AS14 $109
Arched strut 500 -series Half Arched Strut 12′   long. For 500-series Dual-Port. AS12 $99
Arched strut 600-series Half Arched Strut 11′   long. For 600-series Dual-Port.. AS11 $89
Short post Short Post 3′   long. For Mono-Port. SP3 $69
Long post Long Post 6′   long. For Mono-Port. LP6 $99
Side-to-Side beam Side-To-Side Beam 13′   long. For Dual-Port. SSB13 $99
Front-to-Back beam 8' with 3 holes Front-to-Back Beam 8′   long, with 3 holes. For Dual-Port. FB7.5 $149
Front-to-Back beam 11' with 4 holes Front-to-Back Beam 11′   long, with 4 holes. ForDual-Port. FB10.5 $189
Front-to-Back beam 14' with 5 holes Front-to-Back Beam 14′   long, with 5 holes. For Dual-Port. FB13.5 $229
Post with Side-To-Side Connector Side-To-Side connector with post for Dual-Port. SSC $90
Post Post 10′   long. For Dual-Port. P10 $90
Front-To-Back Connector Front-to-Back Connector 1′   long. For Dual-Port. FBC1 $49
Tee Clamp Tee Clamp. TC $12
Tee Clamp Large Tee Clamp Large Connector for Dual-Port. TCL $29
Tee Clamp Large Tee Clamp Large, 3 pin, for Dual-Port. TCL $15
Corner Clamp Corner Clamp. EC $12
Strut Clamp Strut Clamp for S100- and 500-series. SC $12
Swivel Connector set Swivel Connector set for 600-series Dual-Port. SWC69 $34
Crossover Clamp Crossover Clamp for For Mono-Port. CC $29

…also, you can check an Accessories page

Pricing subject to change without notice, and does not include watercraft, pier, delivery (estimated $290,) and installation (estimated $390.)  Can be picked up from our Chicago location and easily be initially installed by 2 people in under 4 hours. Please contact us for design assistance and pricing detail. We’re here to help and we can customize our products for your waterfront.