Everyone needs power at their pier for lighting, lifts, power tools, weed trimmers, even charging electric boats.  For those without nearby shore power, the Plug-Port is the perfect solution. A self contained Solar Power Station that provides unlimited, free, 110v power at your pier. No more dangerous extension cords running 400 ft from the house.

Plug-Port – Complete with a universal dock bracket, telescoping support, and a 100W solar panel. Comes with everything needed to provide 110 volt electrical power, including a solar controller, a storage battery, a 1500W inverter, and a handy storage basket.

Plug-Port XL – Everything included on the Plug-Port, but with a bigger 2000W inverter, double solar panel, and double battery for faster charging and more energy storage capacity.

Plug-Port Lite – Eliminates the dock bracket and the telescoping support and instead utilizes a Pier-Port canopy, boat house, or other covered lift to support the flexible 120W solar panel.

Plug-Port Lite XL – Same as the Plug-Port Lite, plus double battery, a bigger 160W  solar panel and a 2000W inverter.

One Plug-Port generates enough power daily, even with cloud cover, to run:

  • Two LED lights for five hours
  • Two cell phone chargers for two hours
  • One TV or laptop continuously running/charging for one hour
  • One boat lift run twice daily
  • Occasionally power tools, power washers, & other accessories.

With the recommended 105 amp/hour battery, Plug-Port stores enough power to run these loads for four days, even with the occasional use of power tools, blender, margarita maker, and electric boat recharge. You will find many other uses on your own.