Suitable for any dock, each Mono-Port expertly covers whatever you want protected, from a large pontoon to a small fishing boat and everything in between. If you have multiple smaller boats, the Mono-Port can effectively cover all of them at once. The structure without fabric can remain on pier all winter, or entire system installs/removes by 2 people in less than 2 hours after bracket installation. Our patented mesh end doors allow storms to blow through without any issue, and the sleek, aerodynamic shape deflects winds up to 60 mph. No more struggling with clumsy boat covers; our canopy is the only cover you’ll ever need.

Can be easily stored with temporary docks during the winter without having to be completely disassembled.

This is our most basic Mono-Port boat cover canopy. 18′ long by 12′ wide. Ideal for 1 boat up to 20′ long, or several pwc’s, kayaks, or paddle boats.

PPS118 topPPS118 top  S118 Side View - No Cover

This is our mid-sized Mono-Port boat cover canopy 21′ long by 12′ wide. Ideal for 1 boat up to 23′ long, or several pwc’s, kayaks, and paddle boats.

PPS121 top PPS121 top
S121 Side View - No Cover

Our largest standard canopy, 24′ long by 12′ wide. Larger orders are always accepted, and will be custom made. Ideal for 1 boat up to 26′ long, or multiple pwc’s, kayaks, and paddle boats.

PPS124 top PPS124 top
S124 Series Side View - No Cover
PPS124 canopy

Email us today for a free consultation to lay out your                                                                      American-Made Mono-Port or Dual-Port:                                                    Put your boat covers away forever.  (Trademarked, Patent-Received)