Specials and Promotions (February, 2020)

“First on the Lake” Specialhome_1009

We’ve only scratched the surface of the tens of thousands of lakes here in the US and Canada.  Be the first on your lake to purchase any product and receive 5% off, even if you’ve previously purchased a different product from us.  Cannot be combined with any other offer.  No cheating now…we’ve got good records :-)

Referral Program

For any existing Pier-Port product owner who refers a friend or neighbor you’ll each receive a $100 VISA Gift Card for any Mono-Port, Dual-Port or Aqua-Port. A $50 VISA Gift Card for any Plug-Port or Pull-Port, and a $25 VISA Gift Card for any Park-Port. It is our way of saying “thanks” to our loyal customers. Enjoy a nice dinner out or something special for your boat.  If you need more brochures, just call or email and we’ll send them right out!

Free Mono-Port or Dual-Port Design Consultation

Email us today with pictures of your waterfront, your current pier, and specifications of your watercraft.  We will design, at no obligation to you, a Mono-Port or Dual-Port configuration to fit your needs.